The financial partner of the RESIDENTIAL HOUSING HOŘÍNECKÁ project is Volksbank, a. s., that not only provides financing of the project but also offers unbeatable conditions of mortgage financing of the individual flats incl. complete service to the prospective clients At the same time, Volksbank, a. s. guarantees safe security of all invested financial means of yours. All advance payments are sent directly to a special income account with Volksbank, a. s. that will not be released unless successful approval of construction.

Payment calendar

• Reservation fee payment amounting to CZK 40,000.- after signature of Reservation Agreement
• 40 % of the residential unit price (reduced by the reservation fee) within 10 working days after the signature of the memorandum of understanding (provided the residential unit is financed by the mortgage loan from Volksbank, a.s., this date will be extended to 20 working days)
• 35 % of the residential unit price after completion of roof structure
• 20 % of the residential unit price after completion of interior plasterwork
•  5 % of the residential unit price after approval of construction, prior to the signature of the agreement on title transfer and handing over for use

The period of reservation after issuance of building permission shall be agreed for 15 working days.
The memorandum of understanding shall not be concluded unless the issue of the building permission is completed.
The individual payments will be made after inspection of the work done by the bank and will be made on the basis of an advanced payment invoice.
If one of the above construction stages has been already finished, the individual payments are added up after signature of the memorandum of understanding.

Mortgage loan

Within the project Residential housing Hořínecká, we would like to offer you in co-operation with Volksbank, a.s. an unbeatable way of financing by a mortgage loan incl. following bonus:

- Financing by mortgage loan up to 100% of purchase price of the residential unit
- Fix fee for loan processing amounting to CZK 3,000. - regardless of the flat price
- Advantageous rates of interest with the possibility of fixation for 1 to 5 years


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